ThinkAtomic: Ideas Accelerated

ThinkAtomic provides an incubating opportunity to startup, early stage, and growth companies who are looking for the right environment to grow their company. A qualifying company is planted in a high-energy environment, and receives a fertile ground to grow their venture with the requisite infrastructure needed to get a company launched. The synergy and excitement of an entrepreneurial environment, in conjunction with the mentoring from those that have been there and done that, is crucial to the success of a start-up venture.

ThinkAtomic provides a detailed evaluation of each perspective company to determine the viability, opportunities, its strengths, and weaknesses to determine what services each perspective company may best benefit from. ThinkAtomic does not want to replace management teams, founders, or other key players, but rather wants to augment, enhance, and fill in the gaps. ThinkAtomic adheres to an aggressive “Lean Company” philosophy, and will make recommendations to right size it. All engaged companies receive most services for free. Depending on the depth and length of certain services, i.e. Legal, Financial, Engineering, and Computing Resources, will be offered at cost or below. A most favored nation status will guarantee best available pricing and service. No services are forced on any companies, and are always offered as alternatives. All services will be at the owners request and approval.

ThinkAtomic prides itself in offering its companies the best value and service, and want to earn each companies trust and respect. All of our companies come to appreciate the value and expertise that ThinkAtomic brings to the table.


Business Development is crucial for launching a new business and growing your company through the early stages. It requires the implementation of Best Business Practices, relevant market research, necessary materials and resources, innovative product design and development, and the appropriate Management Leadership to direct the formation and growth of an early stage company. ThinkAtomic provides these fundamental building blocks, including the Strategic and Tactical Planning pieces to help you cultivate your venture from a fledgling idea to a sustainable and viable business.

  • Business Development
  • Best Business Practices
  • Management Leadership
  • Strategic & Tactical Planning


Internet Services are central to the operation of any business and ThinkAtomic can provide all the parts and foundational pieces for you to operate your business, including Office Connectivity to the Internet, Office Space for your company, whether it is just one or an entire team, and the requisite office infrastructure with Telephone Services to keep your business connected and accessible.

  • Internet Services
  • Office Connectivity
  • Office Space
  • Telephone Services


Cloud Services are now a primary component of almost any business and Voonami, a ThinkAtomic company, provides all the required infrastructure for needed Compute Resources and all the accompanying Data Storage and Management resources. This IT infrastructure provides the Scalable Space & Tools to address all you computing and IT demands, as needed, when needed. Furthermore, Voonami has the manpower to provide outsourced Tech Support Services if desired.

  • Cloud Services
  • Compute Resources
  • Data Storage and Management
  • Scalable Space & Tools
  • Tech Support Services


The task of Marketing a company and its product line takes many elements. It requires a coordinated effort of Advertising, company and product Branding and consistent Corporate Identity to gain and keep marketplace recognition. ThinkAtomic can build that for you by utilizing an experienced Graphic Design team to create appealing Logo Designs and an attention-getting Corporate Look and Feel. It also takes Market Research and Analysis to develop and evolve the right go-forward Market Strategy to build and retain a sustainable Sales Channel.

  • Advertising
  • Branding & Market Promotion
  • Channel Development
  • Corporate Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Creation
  • Market Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Sales


Courseware Development for internal use or customer facing training is available with the Navanas Learning Management System. As part of a Hosted Learning Platform you can offer short training modules or a series of complete courseware. The Navanas team offers the Training Services as well as the Video Services and other media components to deploy your learning modules.

  • Courseware Development
  • Hosted Learning Platform (LMS)
  • Training Services
  • Video Services