The atom is considered to be a source of vast potential energy. The release of such power is highly explosive and endlessly valuable. Thinking “atomically” is to consider the minutest details of an idea while releasing its vast and full potential with explosive speed. ThinkAtomic believes that there is no such thing as a small idea, only small-minded execution of an idea. All ideas may hold value and need only be nurtured, unlocked, empowered, and accelerated to achieve their true potential.  At a minimum, ThinkAtomic hopes to provide each idea with some resources and know-how to allow it a chance for traction. “I have seen it happen over and over, companies that the so called ‘experts’ would never support, have flourished and even experienced gigantic exits like Altiris,” said Ralph Yarro. Altiris, from Ralph’s previous incubator, The Canopy Group, was a throw away technology from a Keylabs sale to Exodus, “they didn’t want it,” said Ralph Yarro. As investors we agreed with the current management team that the software solution had merit. We struggled to find interest from any of the venture funds in Utah or elsewhere. So, we agreed to take down the additional $9 million needed to execute the management team’s go forward strategy. Altiris later went public and sold to Symantec for roughly $830 Million. Capital, resources, leadership, and execution.

Lean Company

“Lean Company” is right sizing with a twist. In today’s environment, capital is scarce. Risk capital has moved up stream to smell and taste more like growth capital. You will often hear it call “Accelerated Capital”. The truth is there is very little risk capital left. Today’s entrepreneur and venturer must adjust to the new conditions—something we call “lean”. The “Lean” company must learn how to squeeze and leverage cash and resources. We believe that the incubator model allows ventures to thrive in any environment. The contests and crowd funding models, just haven’t produced the value or exits in volumes, and the traditional VCs have moved up stream. That leaves most startups limited options, such as go it alone, or pass the hat to friends and family. We believe that the highly leverageable incubator model is one of the best places for startups to seek value and help.  And, we predict that we will see more incubators spring to life. Even those contest models are adopting or evolving into “services” models, like the incubator. Lean companies can take advantage of incubators to provide those services needed without hiring or adding to the capital burn. Lean companies find the “right leadership” that can wear multiple hats, is emotionally tied, and has the domain expertise to see the project through the start-up phase, without hiring the expensive management teams once believed necessary to achieve success. Lean companies have a better chance of survival to traction because the burn is manageable, and the total cost to traction limited. Yet, lean companies look no different to an outsider, because all of its needs are filled through the leverage of resources and services provided by its partner/incubator.

Right Leadership

ThinkAtomic believes in building companies with those who bring the concepts or companies to them. “We love building companies around engineers, and we find that they are usually able to carry their ideas through multiple phases of a company life cycle,” said Ralph Yarro. The point is, it is hard to find someone more passionate, with more domain expertise, and sheer will then the inventor or founder. Sure, not all engineers, inventors, or founders make good presidents, but we will help you identify your weaknesses and adjust accordingly. This flies in the face of traditional venturing, because most VCs are not staffed, outside of an occasional board seat, to micro manage its holdings. ThinkAtomic oversees and assists its companies as much as needed. In addition, we take a “our door is always open” approach to our companies management teams, and provide guidance daily if needed.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) is a foundational component for any successful venture, but we believe that all technology elements offer value, including Open Source technologies, Social media outlets, and Crowd Sourcing efforts.